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THE QUEEN LATIFAH SHOW: Sugar Babies Gets Sweet in the Kitchen
...Watch the girls bake up a sweet and healthy vegan red velvet cupcake with Queen Latifah!...[more]

NEW E! Show "LA Sugar" Feature's Hollywoods Coveted Sweet Treats
...The show stars the characters behind four of Hollywood's favorite treat spots: Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes West; Rachel Crystal and Kassandra Workan of Sugar Babies Cupcakery...[more]

NEON TOMMY: Sugar Babies Cupcakes, on a sugar high
...When it comes to the bakery's uniqueness factor, the cupcake's size is not the only things that makes Sugar Babies stand out...[more]

POP SUGAR LA: Pop 5: LA's Most Superb Cake Pop Stops 
...Sugar Babies Cupcakery is another spot that doesn't just focus on the cake pops, but brings out the goodness regardless

LA SBDC- Mobile Cupcake Business Enjoys Sweet Success
...Since Sugar Babies hit the road in October 2010, the company has been featured in the LA Times...[more]

LA MAGAZINE- Best New Restaurants Jan 2010 Issue, p.135
...Planning an event in Los Angeles? Here are Los Angeles Magazine's favorite pros!...[more]

PEOPLE.COM Online- Kristy Swanson & Lloyd Eisler's son turns four!
birthday boy shared circus-themed cupcakes shaped like elephants and lions baked by Sugar Babies Cupcakery...[more]

Gift Lounge in Honor of the 2011 Golden Globe Awards Nominees
...and delicious cupcakes from Sugar Babies Cupcakery, a gourmet truck specializing in mini cupcakes. [more]

Cupcakes Go Head-to-Head at L.A.'s Cupcake Challenge

...My favorite cupcake was the PB and J from Sugar Babies Cupcakery... [more]

Food Adventures of Big Tony Ragu: Westchester First Fridays
Check the interview on YouTube... [more]

Cupcake Camp - Interview with Rachel & Kassandra
...two sisters who love baking and sweets, but hate what they do to our bodies...[more]

LA TIMES - Red velvet cupcakes rule the day at Cupcake Camp L.A.
...nothing compared to the stunning "Breakfast at Tiffany's" cupcakes by Sugar Babies Cupcakery...[more] - Bite Size Treats from the Sugar Babies Truck
Sugar Babies brings your favorite cupcake dessert to you in a 3-bite size...[more]

Hello Sugar... Specially-Made Cupcakes Sponsored by Sugar Babies
To add to an already exciting night, the sisters over at Sugar Babies Cupcakery are sponsoring delicious cupcakes for anyone who donates $25 or more...[more]

Jasmine Villegas, Sony-Epic Recording Artist, Celebrated Her 17th Birthday
...and the lovely Breakfast at Tiffany’s cupcakes by Sugar Babies....[more]

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